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Biblical understanding about Israel

Our mission is to bring Biblical understanding in the Church and among the nations concerning God's purposes for Israel and to promote comfort of Israel through prayer and action.

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68th Independence Anniversary of the State of Israel hosted by C4I Uganda
May 18, 2016

Christians for Israel Uganda hosted the 68th anniversary of the Sate of Israel in Kampala. The event was attended 450 guests, the guest of honor being the First Lady of Uganda, Mrs. Museveni. Furthermore the celebration was attended by a delegation from the Israeli embassy in Nairobi, many ambassadors, government ministers, members of parliament, the Jewish community of Uganda, friends of Christians for Israel, and a media team.

“The leaves of the tree will be for the healing of the nations” - Editorial Israel & Christians Today
May 17, 2016

I don’t know about you, but I am only just starting to get a grip on God. Each time I think I have put Him in a box, He shows me how much greater He is than I can imagine.

The unknown history of Jewish Chernobyl - Based on the article of Diana Kopeikin
May 17, 2016

On April 26, 1986 in the city of Pripyat a catastrophic disaster took place – an explosion at the nuclear power plant. Twenty-eight highly exposed reactor staff and emergency workers died from radiation and thermal burns within four months of the accident. Officials believe the accident also was responsible for nearly 7,000 cases of thyroid cancer among individuals who were under 18 years of age at the time of the accident. As of 2005, 15 children had died of thyroid cancer.

Christians for Israel launched in Brazil!
May 15, 2016

Christians for Israel International has established an affiliate in Brazil. The office is based in Belo Horizonte (in Minas Gerais) under leadership of Val Nogueira. A governing board has been appointed, and a team of volunteers is being formed. The office in Brazil will serve as base for further development of the ministry in South America.

Heartbreaking farewell - Update from our Aliyah fieldworker Koen Carlier
May 4, 2016

Busy, busy, busy. This is how you can define the work of Aliyah fieldworker Koen Carlier. He barely sits still. Whether it is purchasing the food for food parcels and arranging their distribution throughout Ukraine; or driving thousands of kilometers to the east of Ukraine to bring refugees to temporary shelters; or answering dozens of requests for rides to the Israeli embassy or the airport. In recent years, the work of one individual became a full-fledged department in Ukraine with a wonderful and dedicated team.

Speaking Tour in Austria and the Netherlands – Impressions of an Israeli participant and friend
April 26, 2016

My grandmother always told me "that the last Jews going to Israel will fly standing in the plane, as there will be no space to sit". So it was always clear to me that one day I will move to Israel, but I could never imagine myself being involved in bringing home other Jews. Now I work in the Jewish Agency helping Jews who make aliyah to Israel.

Jewish Agency’s For Israel “First Home in the Homeland” project in Kibbutz Revivim visited by Christians for Israel International
April 14, 2016

A delegation from Christians for Israel International visited the Jewish Agency’s For Israel “First Home in the Homeland” project at Kibbutz Revivim in the Negev desert on March 1, 2016. Elena Kovarsky (director) and Svetta (Orly is her new Israeli name) Wolstein (assistant to Elena Kovarsky) accompanied the delegation and prepared a hearty welcome.

ECI calls upon the EU to issue anti-BDS resolution and take moral leadership in ending the demonization of Israel
April 13, 2016

Following the Brussels attacks of last month, the European Coalition for Israel (ECI) has called upon the European Parliament in Brussels to take the moral leadership in the international fight against the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement which demonizes Israel and legitimizes anti-Israel rhetoric from radical elements who advocate publicly for Israel’s elimination.

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