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C4I International Auschwitz Program 2017

Inland program in Poland from 20-25 April

Join thousands of people from all over the world for The March of the Living on April 24. With this 3.5 km march from Auschwitz I to the Selection Point of Auschwitz Birkenau we proclaim: Never again! The March of the Living is followed by a very impressive Ceremony to remember all those who died during the Holocaust. 

Christians for Israel International offers you the opportunity to make this impressive journey.

During our time in Poland we will also visit:

This journey is an unforgettable experience with a lot of time for sharing, worshipping and praying.

Price Inland Program:  
€ 498 p.p. (double room)
€ 598 p.p (single room)

The price includes: 

The price excludes: 

More information contact: 

Jos van Westing: