• Ambassador Danon teaches the UN a history lesson on the Jewish connection to the Land of Israel | Photo credit: Youtube (watch video below)

Head of the Nations (Jeremiah 31 – part 2)

Rev Henk Poot - 26 September 2019

Last month (April 2019) Danny Danon, the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations, addressed the UN’s General Assembly and held up God’s Word.

After God’s promise that vineyards would be planted again in Samaria and that Israel would reap its fruits, God calls out to the world to rejoice at what is happening to His people: “This is what the Lord says: “Sing with joy for Jacob; shout for the foremost of the nations.” (Jeremiah 31:7). One might almost overlook this, but here it says that Israel is the head of the nations.

And of course she is, when you think about it. Not because she is the biggest or the greatest but for other reasons. I will mention a few. God Himself created Israel (Isaiah 43:7). From all nations God chose Israel to be His servant in God’s plans with the world. Israel is God’s witness (Isaiah 44:8). The Bible was written by Jewish hands. Whichever prophet or apostle you mention, they are all children of Israel. God gave Israel its Covenants and the promises and the worship. Our praise goes back to the rich tradition of Israel’s psalms and hymns and before we knew what a service was, Israel already praised God in the Temple. Israel received from God its own portion to live there and He Himself lives there forever in the midst of His people (Ezekiel 43:7). The Kingdom of God will be established in the Land of Israel and Jerusalem will be the capital of the new world. And last but not least, Messiah was born in Israel. Christ is Abraham’s Son and David’s Son. The King of the Jews is the King of the Kings of the earth.

“One might almost overlook this, but Jeremiah 31:7 says that Israel is the head of the nations.”

God is telling His people that Israel is not only allowed to cherish that position but also must use it to bless the world. And so, she does. She is a light for the Gentiles! (Isaiah 42:6). Jesus Himself says that salvation is from the Jews (John 4:22b). Physically that is so. The prophet Isaiah says that Israel will fill the world with her fruits in the future and that is already visible (Isaiah 27:6). Who blesses Israel will be blessed. That promise to Abraham still stands and is still in effect. But also, spiritually: without Israel no Bible and no Messiah. God could have done it differently, but He is doing it this way. Israel is the foundation of the salvation of the world.

And that is why God advises the nations to rejoice over Israel, the head of the nations, to shout with joy when they see Israel returning from their exile. God is busy with His people to do great things and that’s promising! Actually, that promises everything!

Whoever reads the Jewish commentaries on Jeremiah will see that some rabbis chose a different translation: “Shout from the top of the nations.” That means that Israel must make her testimony heard in all places, even from the mountain tops, but most certainly in the important places of the nations. And that is what the Israeli ambassador did.

Watch the video below.

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