Israel & the Church Journal

Israel and the Church is a journal for biblical and theological reflections concerning Israel and the Church in God’s plan for this world in the light of His coming Kingdom. The editors are aiming at two magazines per year, filled with contributions from all C4I branches from all ‘corners’ of the earth, to strengthen each other as a worldwide movement. The magazine is available as a digital file.


Issue 1 | 2021: The coming of the Kingdom of God

One of the functions of blowing the shofar, the ram’s horn (see the picture on the front page), is to proclaim God’s kingship. God is King and He reigns! At the same time, in today’s life and world, we experience that the belief in
God’s reign is very often challenged. Things do not go as they should go. The reality is a reality of sin and brokenness. Yet, we are standing on a solid foundation: Christ has died, Christ is risen, Christ will come again. We are looking forward to the full realization of God’s kingdom, on earth as it is in heaven.


Issue 2 | 2020: Exile and Restoration

For over two thousand years, a large part of the Jewish people have been exiled from the homeland God had promised them. In our time, we are privileged to see many Jews return to their ancient homeland. The foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 was a landmark in history, enabling the restoration of the Jewish people in their homeland. Is the exile now going towards its termination?

Both exile and restoration of Israel raise many Biblical questions. In this volume, we try to deal with some of them, centered on what the New Testament has to tell us about exile and restoration.


Issue 1 | 2020: The promise of the land

It is obviously one of the central themes, if not the central theme, in the stories of the Patriarchs, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and probably in the Old Testament as a whole: God has promised a land to the people of Israel. In this edition of the journal Israel and the Church, we try to trace the theme of the land promise throughout the Scriptures of Old and New Testament.





Issue 1 | 2019: Twelve Theses

This issue contains lectures on the Twelve Theses, that were held during our Twelve Theses Summit in February 2018. As an addition, Rev. Willem Glashouwer has put the twelve theses in the perspective of the classical creeds that are known from history, and that are kept in churches of various denominations.