XII Theses of Faith

There are twelve tribes of Israel. Twelve apostles were sent into the world to proclaim the coming kingdom. The faith of the church is confessed in the twelve articles of the Apostolic Creed. It is still one of the fundamental creeds for millions of Catholic, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians worldwide. Five hundred years ago, Martin Luther was privileged to rediscover the gospel of free grace. On October 31st, 1517, he nailed his 95 theses on the door of the city Church of Wittenberg, launching the reformation of the Catholic Church.

We are privileged to live in a time, in which we see how the people of Israel is restored into the land of the promise. That makes us grateful. But it also causes a feeling of urgency. God’s plan of salvation for His creation has entered a new, decisive stage. How do we relate to it? And how do we relate to Israel? How does the Church relate to Israel?

We give thanks for the good we have received in the tradition of the Church. But we also have to recognize that the Church has hardly had any vision for Israel or the Jewish people, even has spoken with contempt of the Jews and of Israel.This fills us with shame.

Many, therefore, feel the need and the urgency to speak more broadly about God’s salvation plan with His creation from within the Scriptures. A small group of people from different denominations and backgrounds, working within the framework of Christians for Israel, has come together to deeply think it over. In a sense, they did not represent anybody. It was their desire, however, to speak as members of the Body of Christ, in connection with the Church worldwide and through the ages.

This has resulted in twelve theses on the place of Israel in God’s salvation plan, in which God’s election of Israel to bless the nations is expounded. These theses do not replace any creed whatsoever, but are meant as an impulse to think further about the essential Biblical message concerning Israel and the kingdom.

In this spirit, Christians for Israel now offers these articles to churches and Christians worldwide, in prayer and humility.

Twelve Theses of Faith on Israel

  1. We believe that Israel was created and chosen by God to bless the nations.
  2. We believe that the Church and the nations should bless Israel.
  3. We believe that the Church has not replaced Israel. By faith in Jesus Christ we also have become ‘children of Abraham’, the father of all who believe.
  4. We believe that all the Covenants since Abraham have been made with Israel.
  5. We believe that the Lord will be faithful to all the Covenants He made with Israel, as well as to all the promises He gave to the Church.
  6. We believe that there is the mystery of the hardening in part of Israel for our sake, but that there is also the blindness of the Church for Israel, and a veil over the nations with regard to Israel.
  7. We believe that the Church should repent for all deeds of anti-Semitism committed in her name, and should show her true repentance in acts of love and solidarity with Israel and the Jewish people.
  8. We believe that the restoration of the Jewish people to the Promised Land of Israel is the beginning of ultimate redemption. We believe that the nations carry a responsibility to help the Jews return.
  9. We believe that the City of Jerusalem is the place where the Lord again will make His Holy Name dwell.
  10. We believe that one day, Messiah will come to establish His worldwide Kingdom, Then the bodily resurrection of the righteous dead will take place and they will reign with Christ in His Kingdom on earth. We therefore pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
  11. We believe that the Son of man will sit in judgment over the nations when the Kingdom comes and will ask them how they have treated Israel and the Jewish people.
  12. We believe that ultimately and finally the renewal of all things will take place. Creation will be delivered from its bondage to decay and be brought into the glorious freedom of the children of God. And God will be all and in all.

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