• Read Matthew 25. Place the newspaper next to the Bible.

The First Circle

Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer - 7 June 2011

For Israel these are disquieting developments in the Middle East. In the north, it seems that Hizbollah – supported by Iran – has strengthened its power base in Lebanon. Recently, President Achmadinejad of Iran stood near the border of Lebanon with Israel and held a speech which made his intentions regarding Israel perfectly clear.

In Egypt, the Muslim Brotherhood – that until recently had been held under control by the regime of President Mubarak – is becoming more and more influential. The same applies to Jordan, where 60% of the population consists of Palestinians and the remainder of bedouins who originally came acrsoss from Saudi Arabia. The familoy of king Abdullah descends from the latter. But here too, the Muslim Brotherhood is gaining in power and demanding change.

This is not good news for Israel. Who would have thought it would happen? The first circle of coutries surrounding Israel is closing in. And just when we thought that Israel was achieving a certain stability in the relations with its neighbors. Not real peace, but at least reasonably friendly relaitons with Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon, the latter with its significant Christian population. The relationship with Turkey has changed for the worse since the recent flotilla crisis.

In a short space of time the situation in the Middle East has completely changed, And who knows where it is heading, and what kind of radical forces will gain control in the region.

One thing is for sure. Israel is becoming more and more isolated. If you want to understand the developments in the World, you need to see things from Jerusalem’s perspective. In God’s eyes, Jerusalem is the centre of the world, not New York, Rome or Brussels. It is in Jerusalem that God will establish His kingdom.

Read Matthew 25. Place the newspaper next to the Bible.


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