• PM Netanyahu opens Christian Media Summit 2017

Christian Media Summit 2017

editor - 13 December 2017

By Mandy Worby.. A small delegation of Christians for Israel media specialists attended the inaugural Christian Media Summit 2017 in Israel, that was organised by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The summit can be summed up in two words: ‘Historic’ and ‘Unprecedented’. For the first time ever, the Israeli Government, along with the Government Press Office, hosted the Summit exclusively for Christian media groups from forty different nations.

PM Netanyahu opens the 2017 Christian Media Summit with an opening address

Understanding that the Jewish people have experienced heinous persecution at the hands of ‘Christians’ made this Summit historic. The fact the Summit was opened by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and closed by President Rivlin made this event unprecedented.

As delegates, we heard from a wide variety of speakers, mostly Jewish with a handful of Christians and even a Muslim Arab, with lectures from politicians, journalists, military personnel, and documentary makers.The purpose of this incredible Summit was two-fold. Firstly, to build closer relationships with Christians in media because it has been recognised by many in Israel, right up to the Prime Minister’s office, that Christiancommunities around the world are Israel’s greatest friends.

Secondly, to provide Israel with a mechanism to offer truth about what’s really happening on the ground without the ingrained bias against them, as is the case with the majority of secular media. We were honoured to visit various places, including the Security Fence, learning firsthand when, how and why it was built and what the consequences have been, a side of the story other media don’t tell. We also met with leaders of Settlements, and we heard about the frustrations of a Muslim Arab journalist who wasn’t able to publish positive stories about Israel because it didn’t fit the narrative of media agencies.

This Summit was incredibly important to understand Israel’s society, her struggles in the region, the existential threat that looms from Iran and what life is honestly like for all Israel’s citizens. Christian media around the world have been welcomed with open arms by Israel; we need to make sure we don’t waste this fantastic opportunity.

Mandy Worby
Christians for Israel Australia

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