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Christians for Israel on sanctions list Iran

23 February 2023

On 21 February, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran published a sanctions list targeting individuals and organizations in Europe. This in response to sanctions imposed on the regime by the European Union. The Iranian list includes some 13 organizations that – according to the Iranian regime – incite ‘violence and terrorism’ against Iran. Christians for Israel is on the list, as are several other Jewish and pro-Israel organizations.

Frank van Oordt, Executive Director Christians for Israel Netherlands: “If the dictatorial regime in Tehran considers Christians for Israel a threat, we are on the right side. It motivates us to continue witnessing to God’s love for His people.”

It is widely known that Iran takes every opportunity to use threatening rhetoric against Israel. This new list of sanctions fits that picture: Israel is seen as the enemy, and so are Israel’s friends.

The consequences of listing Christians for Israel on the Iran sanctions list are that bank accounts and banking transactions in Iran would be blocked, and Christians for Israel employees would no longer be allowed to travel to Iran. The sanctions, however, have no impact on Christians for Israel, as the organization has no bank accounts, money or employees in Iran.

Negative reactions to the work of Christians for Israel are not new. Apart from the Iranian regime, various boycott movements and NGO’s worldwide speak out – especially on social media – against Christians for Israel. Rev. Cornelis Kant, Executive Director Christians for Israel International: “Our work is aimed at supporting Israel. We stand with the Jewish people. No sanctions list or boycott movement will be able to change that.”