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Dam near Nova Kakhovka (Ukraine) destroyed – Disaster in the making?

Koen Carlier - 7 June 2023

Yesterday, the air raid sounded from midnight to 04.00 AM in the morning and 35 missiles were fired at Ukraine. At 06.30 AM we received more disturbing news.

What we had long feared, has now become reality: the important dam near Nova Kakhovka has been destroyed and large parts of the Kherson province (28,000 square kilometers in size) are flooded. Several evacuations by buses and trains are under way from the almost-flooded villages and towns, close to the huge Dnepr River. During those evacuations, some policemen have been injured as shelling continues in this city. Only Monday, a university in Kherson was bombed. The Russian army is across the Dnepr River near the city of Kherson.

We (Christians for Israel Ukraine) have informed the leaders of the Jewish community of the Kherson province and in Zaporizhzhya that our evacuation bus and vans are ready for use. We have had many evacuation trips from these provinces in the past year. Will there now be a new flood of Jewish refugees wanting to get to Israel? Ukraine continues to face ‘plagues’, even as a counter-offensive seems underway on several places. Floods, as bad as they sound, are still manageable and surmountable. But what if a serious disaster strikes Europe’s largest nuclear power plant at Energodar, 40 kilometers from the major city of Zaporizhzhya? This worries us! The plant has been controlled by Russia since the beginning of the war, but the thousands of workers are Ukrainians!

Meals for people in need
At the end of this week, we expect another delivery of 26,000 kilos of food products, which we will then pack and distribute where needed. In doing so, we can fortunately count again on the help of many local loyal volunteers! We support sixteen soup kitchens in Ukraine, which mainly help Jewish elderly in need, the sick and refugees. A couple of times a week, double meals can be collected, or we deliver the meals to the people’s homes. The elderly, and Holocaust survivors in particular, are afraid to go out on the streets of Kiev because of the many attacks by drones and rockets. In Kiev alone, we support four soup kitchens. We cannot ignore the requests to continue supporting those soup kitchens, as well as to deliver even more meals to Jewish elderly and refugees! The situation will not get better in the time to come.

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