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‘Did we ever have talks with the Nazis?’

Yochanan Visser - 2 November 2023

It has been almost four weeks since the war started. A war that began on Simchat Torah, after the Palestinian terror organization Hamas launched a bloody invasion of southern Israel, committing heinous crimes against humanity. Just how heinous these crimes actually were, only a select few people know: IDF soldiers, government officials and journalists, as well as U.S. President Joe Biden and other leaders of Western countries.

Biden’s unprecedented response to what happened in Israel on Oct. 7, 2023, and his support for Israel thereafter can safely be called unique. It clearly had to do with the images he was shown of Hamas’ atrocities in southern Israel.

Until now, journalists, including me, have been reluctant to report on the horror Hamas caused in southern Israel. Comparisons with the actions of Hitler’s SS Einsatzgruppen and those of Daesh (ISIS) seem justified, but Hamas went even further. Deash did not behead babies and the SS did not rape dead women, as Hamas did on Oct. 7.

The destruction caused by Hamas Militants in Kibbutz Nir Oz, near the Israeli-Gaza border, in southern Israel. | Photo: Erik Marmor/Flash90

The only two organizations that have so far published photos and videos of Hamas’ unimaginable atrocities are MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute) and the ad hoc group South First Responders, which is documenting on Telegram what was found in kibbutz Be’eri and Kfar Aza, for example.

Below are a few examples of the Hamas’ heinous crimes against humanity that haven’t appeared in the international media yet. Ultimately, during the conquest of Poland and Germany, the Allies also allowed the press to document and publish about the horrors found in concentration camps such as Bergen Belsen.

!! Warning: the following text contains horrific details about Hamas’ acts of horror.

On the Telegram channel of the South First Responders, a video shows how a Hamas terrorist shoots an Israeli man through the head in his station wagon. The terrorist then pulls the man’s dead body halfway out of the car and unlocks the vehicle’s handbrake. The car then begins to move slowly, driving over a sidewalk and crushing the driver’s body in the process.

Burned alive
Another video shows the burned bodies of a man and his daughter embracing each other while their bodies were bound together with iron wire. A video shown by Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan to members of the UN Security Council shows a Hamas terrorist beheading a still-living Thai migrant worker with a spade. In a photo provided by the religious relief organization ZAKA, which cares for the remains of victims of terror, we see the burned head of an Israeli woman also beheaded by Hamas. Another photo shows the tortured body of an Israeli man, who was set on fire alive. To prevent the terrorists from having to hear his screams, his mouth was gagged with a cloth.

Then there was the news early this week that the remains of the German-Israeli woman Shani Louk Gaza had been found. The woman was last seen in a Hamas video showing that she was tortured and unconscious. Shani’s family later announced that a body part of her had been found. I later received information that only the young woman’s head had been found.

A photo published by MEMRI shows the decapitated bodies of seven IDF soldiers.

Hell on earth
On October 30, I read a post on X (formerly Twitter) by one of the foreign reporters and terror experts who had attended the closed IDF meeting, which featured a 40-minute compilation of videos about Hamas’ atrocities. The crime expert, Marina Medvin from the United States, wrote in that report that Hamas terrorists had entered the home of an Israeli family and then murdered the family’s father in front of his wife. They then grabbed the couple’s baby and put him/her in the glowing oven in the kitchen. This was later confirmed by an aid worker from the organization Eichoed HaHatsala, who had examined the baby’s corpse. He said that the heating element of the oven on the baby’s body was clearly visible.

Some of the footage shot by terrorists was shared on social media by Hamas itself.

Israeli soldiers remove bodies of of Israeli civilians in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, near the Israeli-Gaza border, in southern Israel. | Photo:Chaim Goldberg/Flash90

‘Did we ever have talks with the Nazis?’
In Israel itself, many have now learned in one way or another about these heinous crimes committed by terrorists from Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad. Many are unable to look at the footage, but it has not missed its effect on society. It explains the doggedness of IDF soldiers now in Gaza. Another consequence is that people who until now were always in favor of peace negotiations with Hamas and the other Palestinian groups have totally revised their opinions.

Among them is Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar, who always maintained contacts with Hamas and is an expert on Gaza. Eldar was interviewed by Israel’s CAN 11 TV station after Oct. 7 and cried as he recounted the telephone conversation he had with a Hamas leader after the massacre. He begged the Hamas terrorist to release at least the captured babies, however in vain. When Eldar was asked if he is still in favor of talks with Hamas, he replied, “Did we ever have talks with the Nazis?”

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