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Emergency situation in Israel – Your prayers and support are needed

12 May 2021

In recent days, violence has escalated in Israel. What began with riots on the Temple Mount has, in a matter of days, degenerated into a violent conflict, with over a thousand rockets fired from Gaza at civilian targets in Israel. Israel is trying to bring peace back to the country, but the situation is serious. That is why we call on you to pray and take action.

What can you pray for?

– Pray for peace and tranquility. Pray that the riots will stop, and that the rain of rockets from Gaza will cease.

– Pray for honest reporting on Israel. No country in the world would accept rockets being fired at civilians. Pray that the media will see this and report on it fairly.

– Pray for the innocent men, women and children in Gaza who are being used as human shields by the terrorist organization Hamas. Rockets are fired from flats, hospitals and schools. When Israel defuses these rocket installations, there are unintended civilian casualties. Pray that this escalation of violence will stop.

– Pray for the people of Israel. The rockets are not only targeting southern Israel, but are now even reaching Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. There’s great panic. Pray that these rockets do not hit their targets. Pray especially for Holocaust survivors and small children, for whom it is a traumatic experience to have to flee to shelters again and again.

– Pray for wisdom for the Israeli government, army and border police, to deal with this difficult situation.

– The Bible calls us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. In doing so, we trust that God has everything in His hands.

What can you do?

We want to provide emergency assistance through our existing projects in Israel.

The organization Hineni in Jerusalem is going to distribute emergency food packages to poor people in southern Israel who have already been hit hard by the Corona Crisis, and who do not have the means to buy food for a longer period of time in the shelters. Hineni intends to distribute these food packages in areas such as Ashkelon, Sderot, Ashdod: places that have been hit hardest. This aid will still be necessary when the current conflict is over.

The Israeli organization Keren Hayesod provides emergency assistance to the families directly affected by the rocket attacks. Some homes have been destroyed, and people have been traumatized by the ongoing rockets. Keren Hayesod provides initial emergency assistance, such as accommodation in hotels (for families whose homes were destroyed), clothing, toys for the children, mental support and trauma counseling. Additional shelters are being built, and defibrillators are being purchased for initial medical care.

Will you help?


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