• Roger van Oordt. Photo: Christians for Israel
Press Release

Former Director Christians for Israel appointed as honorary consul Israel

7 October 2021

On 4 November 2021, Mr. Roger F.G. van Oordt will be appointed honorary consul in the Netherlands for the State of Israel. Van Oordt was executive director of Christians for Israel Netherlands until 2020. He has been involved in the organization and the Israel Products Center since its establishment in 1980.

Van Oordt: “I consider this a special recognition of the deep bond that we as Christians for Israel have with Israel. Thousands of volunteers, staff and supporters worldwide have been committed to Israel for over forty years. By supporting all kinds of humanitarian projects for both Jews and Arabs, by organizing trips to Israel with tourists, journalists, pastors and politicians, and by providing Biblical teaching in churches about God’s faithfulness to Israel.”

The title honorary consul involves a voluntary position in which trade between the Netherlands and Israel is promoted. The honorary consul also devotes himself to representing Israel in the Netherlands in all kinds of ways. This position fits in well with Van Oordt’s current activities. For instance, he is the leader of the Business Club of Christians for Israel Netherlands, a growing group of hands-on entrepreneurs who support all kinds of humanitarian projects in Israel.

Van Oordt: “For forty years, we have supported Israel in words and deeds, and at the same time we are committed to combating antisemitism in the Netherlands. In this new role as honorary consul, I see it as my mission to continue to speak up for Israel with enthusiasm.”

The honorary consulate will be located in the Israel Center in Nijkerk, Netherlands.


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