• Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu chairs the weekly cabinet meeting at his Jerusalem office on June 28, 2015. AFP PHOTO / POOL / ATEF SAFADI (Photo credit should read POOL/AFP/Getty Images)

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called to say “thank you” to all the Christians for Israel colleagues around the world

editor - 8 September 2016

By Communications Department – Christians for Israel International.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called Roger van Oordt (Director Christians for Israel Netherlands) yesterday September 7, 2016 during his two-day visit to the Netherlands. The Prime Minister said:

“I wanted to talk with you during our short visit to the Netherlands. I want you to express our deep appreciation, and let you know you are the best friends we have in the world. We have no better friends on earth than you. Please give our thanks and greetings to all your constituency and thank them for all the work you are doing. We are privileged to be part of this alliance, which is based on the deepest values, history and culture. I want all your people to know how absolutely delighted we are by this joint venture.”

When asked what message he has for the Christians for Israel global movement, the Prime Minister said:

“Simply continue with what you are doing, and continue to fight the battle for the truth. This is the biggest battle we have. When the truth is known, opinions shift very quickly. In the short time I was here I noticed this. So it is important that you continue with this battle.” “Interestingly, Israel is getting stronger. What is happening in the world is that more and more countries – in Asia, in Africa, and in Latin America – are becoming more and more friends and allies with Israel, because they recognize that Israel is the bastion of civilization, progress and courage. It seems that Western Europe is the last to know this! Eastern Europe is also starting to understand this. Christians for Israel and other friends of Israel like you play a role in this. And be assured that this understanding will also come to Western Europe! You are always there, and we thank you for that. Better times are coming – you will be even happier than we are! Thank you again, and please bless all our friends around the world.”

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