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Ten reasons to support Israel in this time of war

Rev. Oscar Lohuis - 27 October 2023
Since the outbreak of the recent war between Hamas and Israel on 7 October 2023, I have been getting questions from people about this war every day. How to understand it and what to think of it? Many wonder whether expressing their support for Israel in this battle at the same time means ignoring the fate of the Palestinians in Gaza and elsewhere. Wouldn’t it be better to stay neutral and keep quiet? I don’t think so. Israel desperately needs and deserves our support in this fight against terror, and I have ten reasons to back up my reasoning.

1. Civilian casualties
Hamas’ goal in invading Israel has been to kill as many innocent civilians as possible, and not only that, but also to humiliate them as much as possible. Israel is now being forced to eliminate Hamas (which has shown its real face to the world as the ISIS of Gaza) to prevent further mass killings and kidnappings in Israel. In doing so, it is by no means their goal to kill innocent civilians. Even now, the Israeli army is warning the population before they are going to bomb certain places, thus giving the people the opportunity to flee. The Israeli army is working on eliminating Hamas, and in the process of doing so, there will be civilian casualties. However, these civilians are not their target.

2. Human shield
The high number of civilian casualties in the Gaza Strip is a direct result of Hamas firing rockets at Israel from residential areas: homes, schools, hospitals, mosques, and shopping malls. All the videos of rockets fired at Israel from Gaza prove that. Hamas does so deliberately, to prevent Israel from attacking there. However, Israel is forced to attack and destroy those rocket launchers to protect the population of Israel. The many civilian casualties are thus the result of Hamas’ own actions. They use innocent civilians as human shields. Israel uses bombs to protect its own people, Hamas uses its own people to protect bombs. In doing so, Hamas is committing what is called a ‘double war crime’. They have caused unprecedented carnage in Israel, and at the same time are sacrificing their own people in reaching their goal to destroy Israel.

“Hamas is committing what is called a ‘double war crime’”

3. Gaza is an open-air prison
Many sympathize with the plight of the Palestinians in Gaza, and rightly so. My heart too bleeds when I think of the suffering that so many are enduring there right now. Israel is often blamed for this suffering because they allegedly ‘turned Gaza into a prison’. But what is the history of this? When Israel was still in control of Gaza (until 2005), the borders were much more open. Gazans could easily go to the beach in Tel Aviv. In 2005, Israel completely withdrew from Gaza, forcibly removing more than 8,000 Jews from Gaza, carried out by Israeli soldiers on behalf of the Israeli government. Israel hoped that this unilateral withdrawal from Gaza would lead to peace with the Palestinians (‘Land for peace’). In 2007, Hamas took power in Gaza, and many Palestinian Authority officials were murdered, some by throwing them off apartment buildings. As a result, not only Israel but also Egypt had to close the border with Gaza much more often. I am sure you’ll understand, knowing what Hamas did in Israel on 7 October.

Egypt, too, is fighting a protracted battle with radical jihadist groups (including ISIS), with a focus on the Sinai peninsula, where these groups are carrying out terrorists attacks on Egypt’s army bases. Egypt, too, obviously, does not want to let jihadists from Gaza into the country. You cannot blame Israel for the fact that Gaza has become a closed area. They must do so to protect their own residents. By the way, the same goes for the wall that Israel has built in some places elsewhere in the country, which is also a point of discussion to many people. Have you ever wondered why Israel had to do this?

“They have sacrificed their own population to their satanic hatred of Israel”

4. ‘Singapore of the Middle East’
The Gaza Strip, located between Egypt and Israel, could have become a wonderfully prosperous area: the ‘Singapore of the Middle East’. An area, tourists from all over the world would love to visit, just like Israel. Since Israel withdrew from Gaza, however, Hamas – as an extended arm of Iran – has turned Gaza into one big military base with just one goal: the destruction of Israel. The huge amounts of money given and still being given to Gaza to improve the living conditions of the Palestinians have been used by Hamas to build a 500-kilometer-long underground tunnel system and to buy rockets and machine guns and other weaponry. Hamas choose not to invest in things like education, and utilities for the population (water and electricity). They have sacrificed their own population to their satanic hatred of Israel.

5. The goal of Hamas is genocide
Hamas is a genocidal terror organization. Their goal is to kill all Jews (and Christians). They want to ‘drive all Jews into the sea to ‘liberate’ all of ‘Palestine’. They chant: ‘From the river to the see, Palestine shall be free’, meaning: all of Israel shall be wiped off the map, Israel has no right to exist on the land between the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea. Their goal is not peace with Israel, but the destruction of Israel. Israel’s struggle with these genocidal Jew-haters is about the existence and survival of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. President Herzog said of them: ‘If you let them in, they will take over the city’. There is no negotiating with people like this. The only thing that matters in this situation is who is the strongest. Israel must show strength, otherwise they will be trampled underfoot.

6. Fighting terror
Hamas has shown the most heinous atrocities, barbaric deeds of a kind that I have not seen before in my whole life. It has been an orgy of violence, humiliation, rape and murder. Young women have been raped on a massive scale with their murdered friends lying on the ground beside them. Babies have been riddled with bullets while lying in their cribs and some have been beheaded. Parents have been killed in front of their young children. Entire families have been massacred. Cars have been stopped and all the occupants shot. Israel has no choice but to protect its own people with all its might from such diabolical murderers. Israel is now waging a war on terror, just as allied forces have done against ISIS. When Mosul and Raqa were bombed, there were also many civilian casualties. ISIS was defeated and the world became a better place because of it. Israel is not taking revenge, but Israel is fighting terror. Support Israel, fight terror, that’s the nail on the head.

“Israel has shown time and again that it is willing to make peace with its enemies”

7. Israel has always been willing to make peace
Israel has shown time and again that it is willing to make peace with its enemies. The Oslo Accords (1993) and the proposals made by the government in 2000 and in 2008, for example, prove this. But after the Oslo Accords, Israel was ‘treated’ to a terrible series of terror attacks in the streets of Jerusalem and beyond. The reason there is no peace, and no coexisting states are the maximalist demands of the Palestinians. They will not agree when 98 percent or 99 percent of their demands are met. They only agree to one hundred percent. They will never recognize Israel, they will never recognize anything like a Jewish state at all. This has everything to do with their religion, because of Islamic jihad. As soon as the Palestinians do recognize Israel and lay down their arms, there will be peace with Israel. However, if the Israelis lay down their weapons, there would be no more Israel.

8. Many Arabs are killed by groups like Hamas
Not only Israel, but also many Arab and other countries have a battle to fight against Islamic terror organizations like Hamas, many of them inspired and funded by the Nazi regime in Iran. Terrorist proxies of Iran are plentiful in Iraq (IRGC), Syria (ISIS), Lebanon (Hezbollah), Yemen (Houthis) and the Gaza Strip (Hamas). Meanwhile, their influence in Pakistan and Afghanistan is also growing. The terrorist organizations have killed countless more Arabs than Jews. If you want to stand up for the interests of Arabs and Arab Palestinians, you must fight against these jihadists for whom human life does not count.

“To remain silent in the face of injustice and evil, when faced with it, is to take part in it”

9. Terrorism knows no borders
Destroying Israel is not the only goal of these terrorists. They also want to kill Jews, and eventually Americans and Christians all around the world. They call upon supporters everywhere to attack Jews and others. Europe, America and other countries are now increasingly facing this threat, as we have seen in the past days. Israel is waging a vanguard battle against these Islamists and for that reason, too, deserves our support. Not fighting the jihadists only creates more violence and war in the long run, as they will never put down the sword. Europe too should pursue zero tolerance policies against supporters of Hamas and consorts.

10. Silence is wrong
We have always been praising the few people who stood up to the Nazis in World War II and stood up for the Jews. Now that Jew hatred is so prevalent again, there is (again) a large silent majority that refuses to take a stand and stand up for the Jews. It is quite cynical that the greatest massacre of Jews since World War II has just taken place, and, in the media, Israel is being charged with war crimes all the time. All Israel does, is defending itself against this kind of barbaric terrorists; something they must do. And we must have the courage to stand up to this, speak up and not be frightened, and thus remain silent. To remain silent in the face of injustice and evil, when faced with it, is to take part in it.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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