C4I Prayer Calendar Dec ’23 – Jan ’24

28 November 2023

The past few months have been very sad. In this prayer calendar we want to frequently pray from the Psalms for comfort, protection and for calling out to God. Since the situation in Israel is quite unstable when we are writing this, we encourage you to stay up to date with current events in order to know what to pray for on a daily basis. In this prayer calendar we put forward prayer points from the Bible.

Be inspired for your intersession by the words of Ofer Amitay. On the second day of Pentecost 2008 he spoke at a conference about “Praying for Israel”. To the amazement of the participants he spoke more about Jesus, about unity, over sanctification, about listening to God and about dedication than about Israel. In the course of that day the participants understood more and more where he was going: genuine intersession results from a relationship rather than from information. The relationship with our heavenly Father and the relationship among ourselves as Christians. The basis of intersession is hunger and thirst for God.

The Christians for Israel Prayer Team