Prayer Calendar August – September 2023

29 July 2023

When the LORD God blessed Abraham He gave him this promise, “You descendants will take possession of the cities of their enemies.” (Genesis 22:17) When Rebekah left her homeland to become Isaac’s wife, her family blessed her with the same promise, “Our sister, may you increase to thousands upon thousands; may your offspring possess the cities of their enemies.”  (Genesis 24:60)

This promise, that Abraham’s and Rebekah’s descendants would conquer their enemies, is repeated in different wording by Balaam, Esther, David, Isaiah, Joel and Zachariah among others.

Finally we see this same promise repeated in the moving words of the song Vehi Sheamda: 

“And it is this promise that has stood by our ancestors and for us.
For not only one (enemy) has risen up against us to destroy us,
but in every generation they rise up to destroy us.
But the Holy One, Blessed be He, delivers us from their hands.”

Yes, there are still enemies who want to destroy the Jewish people. But above all stands the God of Israel, confirming His promises again in our time. Together with the Jewish people, we thank Him for the State of Israel’s 75th anniversary!

May the LORD bless you as you pray for Israel.

The Prayer team of Christians for Israel International