Prayer Calendar December – January — Available

29 November 2021

Rev. Willem Glashouwer once said, “Christians for Israel is not so much a pro-Israel movement as it is a ‘back to the Bible’ movement.” What a bold and poignant characterization of our work. Anyone who has a problem with what we do for God’s people should not be upset with us but should re-read the Bible. As Kevin Loo, a pastor from Kuala Lumpur, puts it, “God’s will is found in God’s Word.”

This prayer calendar, which begins with the month of December and after New Year’s continues with the month of January, is also an assignment to look up and read the referenced Bible texts or to take the time to read some more of the prophecies about the return of Israel to its land and purpose. It will not be hard to find them, because the Scriptures speak of this over 700 times. These passages were prophesied by very different people in many different periods of history.

That is why we as Christians for Israel are excited and thankful for our campaign, “Bring the Jews Home”. We have been demonstrating the faithfulness of God’s prophetic word through this ministry for 25 years! The Hebrew Bible ends with Second Chronicles. Unfortunately we Christians have changed the order of the Bible books. In the last verse of Second Chronicles we read, “Any of his people among you may go up, and may the Lord their God be with them” (2 Chr. 36:23); a great verse to take with us into the New Year.

May God’s indispensable blessing be with you in 2022,

The Christians for Israel Prayer Team