• A queue during the distribution of food parcels in Bela Cherkov. | Photo: Christians for Israel
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Surging Need for Food Parcels in Ukraine

Koen Carlier - 5 March 2024

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for two years, and the uncertainty among the population, grows. We also notice an increasing demand for our food parcels.

Our wholesaler recently delivered 13,000 kilograms of food products, which allowed us to assemble 1,300 food packages. 600 of these packages were distributed to the regions of Kiev and Cherkacci.

Breakthrough in Kharkov
Kharkov, situated in eastern Ukraine, remains a location where our food parcels have not yet reached. However, there is optimism about an imminent breakthrough. A partnering organization, closely aligned with our mission, recently received a request, which they passed on to us as they do not deliver food parcels themselves. We anticipate the opportunity to soon deliver food parcels to 400 impoverished Jewish families in Kharkov.


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To Israel?
Furthermore, we keep informing the people we visit about the possibility of making aliyah to Israel. We give them the opportunity for a first visit to the Israeli consulate to facilitate the preparation of the necessary paperwork. If someone then decides to go to Israel, we extend support by providing transportation, meals, and overnight accommodation in our shelter. From there people can attend their appointment with the consul, after which we arrange transport to Kishenov International Airport in Moldova.

Recently, 25 Jewish families in Odessa started the process of organizing their paperwork. The consul now plans to visit them personally to get their documents ready.

Odessa’s connection to Israel

Interestingly, modern Israel has its roots in Odessa. This isn’t just my claim; it’s inscribed on a building where people like Zeev Jabotinski and Meir Dizzengoff met. They made practical arrangements and raised funds to purchase land in what was then known as Palestine!

Consider also the multitude of ships that set sail from Odessa to the Promised Land before, during, and after the Russian Revolution of 1917. Today, amidst the current times of war and uncertainty in both Ukraine and Israel, we find ourselves in a position to contribute to the the local Jewish communities.


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More than 10,000 food parcels needed

In Odessa alone, a community of over 2,000 elderly Jewish individuals qualifies for one or more food parcels. Additionally, we aim to extend our distribution to cities near the conflict zones while it is still possible. The demand is pressing, and we anticipate the need for over 10,000 additional food parcels in the coming months.

Will you join us in providing assistance while it is still possible?


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