• Sunrise at the Dead Sea | Photo: JAFI
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There is the “Sunrise” – FH Update August 2022

Valeria Zakharova - 31 August 2022

Today we have spent a calm night without missile attacks and alarms. We hope that tomorrow we will be able to return to our usual life and the conflict will be finished.

All our families living near the Gaza Strip (kibbutz Ein Haslosha, Beeri, et cetera), where the alarm was heard every three minutes, were immediately evacuated to the safe areas. Our coordinator Yulia Berman and her children have also left their home in the Eshkol region and headed North.

“We told our son Mark that it was just a firework”

“Honestly, we were not in a panic. We believe in our army, and we know that Iron Dome will protect us. We told our son Mark that it was just a firework. It wasn’t the same in Ukraine. Now we are in the Hotel in Ein Bokek on the Dead Sea”, Nikita Hutz from kibbutz Beeri says. The Hutz family fled the war in Ukraine and joined our “First Home in the Homeland” program in the spring of 2022.

Mark Hutz at the Dead Sea | Photo: JAFI

We arranged a zoom-meeting with a representative of the Israeli army to calm down our participants from the South and provide them with the necessary instructions. It was very important and useful for them in the current situation.

“Nevertheless, life is going on and despite rocket attacks new families are welcomed”

Nevertheless, our life is going on and despite rocket attacks we welcomed three families in Hinanit and kibbutz Merhavia in the North and today they are getting their first documents in Israel.

The world is unstable lately, but we keep working and helping new families to feel safe despite all obstacles. Thank you for being close and sharing both difficult and happy moments with us!

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