XII Theses on Israel – Thesis 10 | Rev. Willem J.J. Glashouwer

18 June 2022

Thesis 10: We believe that one day, Messiah will come to establish His worldwide Kingdom, Then the bodily resurrection of the righteous dead will take place and they will reign with Christ in His Kingdom on earth. We therefore pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

We pray for the Peace of Jerusalem and are longing for the great day of the Coming of the Prince of Peace to Jerusalem, when He will be sitting on the throne of His father David in Jerusalem and rule over the house of Jacob, being the twelve tribes of Israel, and of His Kingdom there will be no end. We fervently wait for the day that times of refreshing may come from the Lord, of which Jesus and the Apostles together with all the prophets of Israel have been speaking throughout the ages. Messiah will come and rule from sea to sea, from shore to shore as far as nations will exist on the face of the earth. ‘He will be our Peace’ (Micah 5:1-4). Then the veil will be taken away from the eyes and the ears and the hearts of Israel, as well as the veil that has covered the face of the nations.