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Conference in The Hague on 29-30 March 2023 – The ideological, political and legal fight against Israel in the UN

The Hague and Nijkerk This year the Jewish State of Israel celebrates its 75th birthday. Israel is one of the most successful nations on earth. It is the only well-functioning democracy in the Middle East, and a major contributor to global innovation, regional prosperity and security, while many parts of the region are in chaos and war. And […]


Webinar: Rosh HaShana with David Nekrutman from Israel

On Thursday September 2nd David Nekrutman from Israel will speak on the theme: Rosh HaShana : 'Accepting God`s Kingship - Celebration of the birth of humanity'   In a time where science and materialism has sidelined faith, Rosh Hashanah allows humanity to reflect on how we, Jews and Christians, can bring God back into the […]