• From left Keith Buxton, Geoffrey Alacky, Rev Cornelis Kant, PM Manasseh D. Sogavare, Ian Worby and Ronald Fugui, PM’s Secretary small | Photo credit: Christians for Israel

Inauguration of C4I Solomon Islands

Ian Worby - 10 August 2019

After attending this year’s (2019) Christians for Israel (C4I) International Bi-Annual Forum in Israel, and the Study Tour to Israel, Pastor Geoffrey Alakey, representing the local ‘Awakening the Nations’, invited International President Rev Willem Glashouwer to speak and officially launch C4I in the Solomon Islands.

Plans were coordinated for both Rev Willem Glashouwer and newly appointed C4I International Executive Director, Rev Cornelis Kant, to come via Brisbane to Honiara, the capital of the Solomons, for a three-day ‘Signs of the Times’ conference from 14-16 July.

Unfortunately, just days before the event, Rev Glashouwer took ill and was unable to travel. Fortunately for us, Rev Cornelis Kant, Keith Buxton (C4I Australia) and Ian Worby were available to fill the speaking events.

Keith Buxton is an ordained pastor with years of experience working in the islands of Papua New Guinea and Australia. Keith was the former National Director for ‘Bridges for Peace’, a similar pro-Israel Christian organisation, for over ten years. He has led many tours to Israel and has a very unique teaching style using short video clips to show the modern-day miracle of the regathering and rebirth of Israel.

After a welcome dinner, we had several morning events, with Keith and Ian speaking at Bibleways Church and Cornelis speaking at another church.

Sunday evening was the official launch of the conference by the Prime Minister Hon. Manasseh D. Sogavare, who gave a powerful address of his support for Israel and why it is an important challenge for Christian leaders to decide whom they will stand with. We pray that the Solomon Islands will continue to be a ‘sheep nation’ when they vote in the UN. To this end, Cornelis Kant presented the Secretary-General and the PM’s Private Secretary with Andrew Tucker’s new book, Israel On Trial as a valuable resource in answering many of the lies and propaganda against Israel.

The opening event started with a flag ceremony of all the nations of Oceania and closed with a very moving flag ceremony, this time with the Israeli flag symbolically leading the way. Over 300 people, including many Christian pastors and civic and government leaders, attended the events, with many travelling some distance to attend from Cook Islands, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.

Please pray for the local team of the Solomon Islands that their work may be a blessing for Israel
Genesis 12:3: “I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.””More

A lot of people purchased Willem’s new book, The Signs of the Times and Why Israel? books, DVDs and study guides. Over 200 newspapers were distributed as valuable teaching aides in fulfilment of C4I’s three main activities: Inform, Inspire and Comfort. We hope to return to the Solomon Islands with more teaching and development of the fledgeling new Christians for Israel chapter in the islands of Oceania. Please continue to pray for the local team.

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