Tel Israel

This (comic) book takes you to the distant past of the homeland of the Jewish people and tells the story of modern Israel at the same time. Past and present of the State of Israel are being told to a group of Dutch high school students in such beautiful colours and in such a clear and fascinating way, that you will not put the book aside until you have finished it!


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Tel Israel is the story of a country, seen through the eyes of a group of high school students. Julia, Now, Aron and Frank win a beautiful prize with their school project: they are invited to come to Israel! In Israel, they meet with Professor David Horowitz, who is a retired archaeologist. He takes them on an extraordinary journey: a trip through the country and through time.

They make their acquaintance with kings like David and Hezekiah. They also meet political leaders like Theodor Herzl and David Ben-Gurion. Above all, they get to know the story of the Jewish people. A story of ordinary men and women who survived the Nazi camps. They learn about the people who established the kibbutzim and rebuilt the land. The journey turns into a search for the stories about past and present of the land and the people of Israel.


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