Journal Israel and the Church ‘Exile and Restoration’


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For over two thousand years, a large part of the Jewish people have been exiled from the homeland God had promised them. In our time, we are privileged to see many Jews return to their ancient homeland. The foundation of the State of Israel in 1948 was a landmark in history, enabling the restoration of the Jewish people in their homeland. Is the exile now going towards its termination? Both exile and restoration of Israel raise many Biblical questions. In this volume, we try to deal with some of them, centered on what the New Testament has to tell us about exile and restoration. A very special and profound approach is taken by Rev. Edjan Westerman (author of “Learning Messiah”), who asks if one could Biblically speak of the exile of the Divine Presence. His thoughts on this question reveal deep Biblical-theological insights, as well as they reflect Jewish understandings of God, Israel and exile.

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